Photos Capture Attention: PhotoDropper Makes it Easy

Why would you want to use a photo on your website or blog? Maybe you understand how humans respond to visual inputs and how photos can create an emotion instantaneously. Maybe you understand that creating a particular emotion will make your content more engaging and more likely to be read. A website’s design and the photos on a particular webpage will make or break the first impression of that page.

The PhotoDropper WordPress Plugin gives you instant access to the millions of free-to-use Creative Commons photos on Flickr, and makes dropping them into your pages or blog posts a cinch. That’s why over 49,000 WordPress users have installed PhotoDropper.

Any professional blogger or writer knows the importance of enhancing their content with the right images. That’s why you’ll hear the experts stressing the importance of using blog photos. The web is not just text anymore, it’s grown into a creative and rich environment.

Download PhotoDropper Now

Or learn how to install PhotoDropper right from your WordPress dashboard and start dropping photos into your posts with just 2 clicks!

Technical Note:

PhotoDropper requires a broadband connection. We recommend a connection with speeds of at least 10-15 mbps.

If you are in the US, the founders of PhotoDropper recommend checking out BroadbandNow or to find providers in your area and their latest deals and promotions on broadband internet service.

If you are unsure if your internet connection qualifies, you can check the speed of your connection via DSL Reports or

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