Creative Commons: Great for Photographers and Website Owners

Creative Commons lets people share their work (photos, writing, videos, and more) with the world so that anyone can use and remix their creations under the licensing terms the authors provide.

The Creative Commons license is ideal for photographers that want to contribute their images to other creatives and get additional free exposure for their work. The license also benefits bloggers and website owners because they have access to some of the best photos on the web for free, as long as they follow the license and give attribution.

Creative Commons items are usually denoted with “Some Rights Reserved” as opposed to “All Rights Reserved.” 

The PhotoDropper Plugin makes the process of finding and adding these photos to your WordPress posts a lot simpler and takes care of necessary attribution automatically.

PhotoDropper works with Flickr which has one of the world’s largest collections of Creative Commons photos.

Most people get confused about the concept of Creative Commons. To get a better understanding you might want to read the recent series did for the 10th anniversary of the Creative Commons License.

One of the most confusing areas when using a Creative Commons image has to do with the “Non-Commercial License,” luckily  Molly Kleinman has put together an outstanding guide to working with the Non-Commercial License.

Here are some more articles that explain the consequences of licensing work under Creative Commons and the Wikipedia post about the topic.

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