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Photos Capture Attention: PhotoDropper Makes Getting the Right One Easy!

Millions of Great Creative Commons Images

It’s no secret that adding photos to your blog posts is one of the most effective ways to enhance your website and attract more readers.

However, when it comes to finding great images, you basically have 3 options:

1.) Steal them
2.) Buy them
3.) Or use a Creative Commons licensed photo

The first can get you into serious legal trouble so, and the other two can be confusing or expensive — so we built PhotoDropper to make your life easier.

Find the Right Photo in Seconds

Finding Amazing Photos is Easy

With PhotoDropper you can find, license, and embed, over 253 Million Photos all without ever leaving WordPress.

With just a few simple clicks, PhotoDropper allows you to sort through the millions of Creative Commons and Premium photos to find the perfect one for your blog post (just like at the top of this page).

The best part about PhotoDropper is that once you’ve found that gem of a photo, it just takes 3 clicks to insert it into your blog post.

Images are saved locally to your website and licensing is handled seamlessly.*

PhotoDropper really is the easiest way to add photos to your blog. Period. And best of all – it’s Free!

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10M+ Professional Photos at Your Finger Tips

If you are looking for professional photos for your website, finding the right photo is hard enough, but it is made worse when you have to deal with complex pricing, time consuming integration, and confusing licensing agreements.

That is why we’ve build PhotoDropper Premium around one core idea. Simplicity.

  • Simple pricing – One credit = One Photo. Photos cost no more than $3 each. (Initial Pricing)
  • Simple licensing – Any image you buy via PhotoDropper Premium is licensed for unlimited web use unto 1000x1000px wide. (view content download agreement)
  • Simple integration – Find, License, and use in just a few simple clicks… without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Signing up for PhotoDropper Premium is easy, just visit the PhotoDropper dashboard within WordPress. Earlier users will lock in current pricing for huge savings over the long run.

243M+ Creative Commons Photos Available at No Cost

If you just starting out blogging and looking for a cost effective way to add killer images to your website? If so, Creative Commons photos can help spruce up your website in a flash.

With PhotoDropper you have access to the entire Flickr Creative Commons database offering you over 243.8 million Creative Commons images all totally free and totally legal for you to use on your website… As long as you follow the simple licensing, which PhotoDropper makes easy.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons lets people share their work (photos, writing, etc.) with the world so that anyone can use and remix their creations under the licensing terms the authors provide. It is usually denoted with “Some Rights Reserved” as opposed to “All Rights Reserved.”

Flickr has one of the world’s largest collections of such photos that people have shared with just such a license.

The PhotoDropper Plugin makes the process of finding and adding these photos to your posts a lot simpler and takes care of necessary attribution automatically.

Learn more about the Creative Commons license along with its rules and restrictions on our Creative Commons page.

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